Ahma Beard Comb


Ahma Beard Comb. 100% Hand crafted in the Finnish Lapland. Hand finished, sanded, polished and oiled. Made from black alder. Awesome engraving of Ahma on the top. Every comb is Unique, wood burned roman numbering on the back side. Suitable for all beard lengths.

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It is here. Ahma Beard Comb. Hand crafted in the Finnish Lapland. Hand finished, sanded, polished and oiled. Damn sexy beast. Probably the only beard comb 100% made in Finland, if not, it is the most bad ass anyway. Just look at that Ahma carving on the top. And that black alder, such a sexy wood, bringing a small hint of tar and smoke into the comb. Oh, and did we mention this yet, these are all unique. Yeah, produced in really small quantities and each comb has an unique roman number burned on the back side. So you can brag to your friends, if you know how the numbers go. Hopefully we don’t ever hit too much sales with these, because the numbers go crazy. Number 88 would be LXXXVIII. Long and confusing as hell. But we figure things out if we get there!

Ahma Beard Comb is small enough for you to take with you, but large enough so that beasts with larger amounts of face fur can easily use it and keep their beards looking awesome. Like we mentioned, we have oiled this already for you so no need to dip it into a jar of melted butter! But you can do it if you want to, though not recommended.

And here is a small summary for the more busy fellow who does not want to go through all that text:

– Ahma engraving
– Unique numbered
– 100% Hand Crafted in the Finnish Lapland
– Suitable for all beard lengths
– Static Resistant (Because of that awesome wood material)
– 100% Recyclable (But why would you? In survival situation these probably burn well because of the oil-finish / natural tar in the black alder, so keep that in mind when lost in the post apocalyptic wasteland.)
– 7.8 cm long, 5.1 cm wide

Delivery is free, WOHOO!