The Promise

We are conscious of our impact on the nature. We could search for the lowest cost ingredients and smash it together as the “same” product, and pretend it’s the real thing. Bringing more profit into our pockets. Not caring how the ingredients are made, how sustainable they are and not sacrifice a thought on how environmental friendly our packaging is. Just outsource the production to some sweat shop and slap some cool picture on the product. But that is not how we roll.

That is why we try to better some things while also earning some beer money. We are continuously finding new ways to incorporate this idea into reality. As the time goes by we will keep you updated how we are doing on our hike to greatness.

We use local and finnish suppliers for our material needs as often as possible.

But this all could be just some good ol’ green washing (kinda like brain washing, if you’re new to the word). How do we really put these words into action?

  • Environment

    Our beard oils, waxes and balm are 100% natural and we strive to keep it as near to 100% organic we can. Thus minimizing the impact on nature and keeping the end products clean.

  • Packaging

    We use recycled paper for our packaging needs.

  • Locality

    We always source suppliers as local as we can. 99% We utilize come from European or Finnish suppliers.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to read more about these things, check out the link below.

Does organic benefit the environment?