Ahma T-Shirt


SOLD OUT FOR NOW! We are ordering a new batch of Ahma t-shirts during 2021!

Ahma t-shirt is a damn nice t-shirt. Nothing less, nothing more! Perfect for the times when you want to wear some clothes.

100% organic cotton, Fair Trade, Joutsenmerkki, GOTS, Ökö Tex certified. Fit is pretty regular! Color dark-grey, resembles the bedrock of Finland or charcoal. Cool as hell.


SOLD OUT FOR NOW! We are ordering a new batch of Ahma t-shirts during 2021!

No need to be naked all the time, even though we do not judge if that is what you want to do! But the rest of the time when you feel like wearing some clothes, we got you covered!

And here it is finally, the first 100% cotton Ahma t-shirt. Soft, warm, looks damn good. Pretty regular fit, not overly tight. Color is dark-grey/charcoal, resembles the bed rock of Finland! Made from 100% organic cotton, has a nice amount of well-known certificates (Fair Trade, Joutsenmerkki, GOTS, Ökö Tex). A bit more ecological and ethical choice, without compromising in quality. The sad thing is that most of the under 10€ t-shirts people buy, they have to cut corners to keep the price so cheap. When cutting corners, someone takes the hit. We want to avoid bringing you some sweat shop shirts, even though it would mean bigger profits.

In the end, it is a t-shirt. Nothing less, nothing more! Ahma T-shirt will of course make you look sexy as hell, make you more confident, help you land that dream job you have always dreamed of. People will start mistaking you for some Hollywood celebrity, so start practicing writing your signatures fast. We do not take responsibility if your shopping trips to the local store start taking 5x longer after you start wearing Ahma.

We apologize for the lack of larger sizes. The next time we will be wiser and order more of them!

Remember, delivery is free like always!