Ahma Beard Oil – Vivid Woodland


Ahma Beard Oil – Vivid Woodland has 100% organic ingredients and it is handmade in Finland. This is the original scent of Ahma Beard Products. Ahma Beard Oil will make your beard and skin survive even the harshest of conditions. This oil makes your beard soft, manageable, shiny and strong. Could also work as a scented human lure or insect repellent. People like nice smelling people, mosquitoes do not.

The scent is an awesome blend, with first hints of citrus, pine needles and an after scent of clove, tea tree and patchouli. Manly and strong, but not so strong that it overpowers every other scent you might be using. Blends easily with many colognes.

This bottle will last you probably 1-3 months. Depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have to groom.

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Ahma Beard Oil – Vivid Woodland is 100% Organic Beard Oil, 100% Handmade in Finland, infused with the scents of the Lapland Wilderness. Sounds awesome, right? Our original scent. Achieving this formula took a lot of effort. Plenty fighting against bears, surviving of starvation, chewing logs and bashing rocks with bare hands. Not sure how this all affects brewing beard oil, but it surely does. (We did not really fight against bears, we only hug those furry buddies)

This brew will make your beard so soft, that you will want to make pillows out of it. But do not, because we want you to keep that fur on you. Our oil conditions your beard and the skin. Enjoy a life with less irritation and beardruff. This stuff will also moisturize your beard & skin. Moisturize it like the melting snow moisturizes the forests, valleys and barren arctic hills in Lapland. Gives nutrients to your skin, beard & moustache, which will make it grow strong, shiny and lush. Combing the beard will also become a lot easier, you will do it just for the fun of it because it is so enjoyable.

The essential oils used in this blend bring plenty of benefits! To mention, they stimulate the growth, keep the skin & hair conditioned, have anti-inflammatory properties (less irritation, redness), soften the hair, protect the hair from damage, act as bug repellant (Really! Not kidding! Mosquitoes do not like people that smell good). Read more about the ingredients in here.

Great beard food, with the awesome scent of a wilderness forest. Will probably attract plenty of people sniffing and touching your nicely scented & awesome looking beard, so be cautious if you are a hermit living in a cabin.

The scent is our original blend. Has hints of citrus, pine needles, clove, tea tree and patchouli. Powerful scent enough to be noticed, not too strong to make you faint.

Nice and easy to use because of the dropper bottle design. Just take 3-5 droplets into your palm. Rub your hands together. Rub the oil into your beard and skin. Comb or brush the beard for maximum effect. Go conquer the World.

This bottle will last you probably 1-3 months. Depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have to groom. Use after taking a shower for best results.

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