Ahma Beard Oil – Traveller’s Spice


Ahma Beard Oil Traveller’s Spice is 100% produced in Finland. Also 100% Natural and almost 100% organic (somewhere around 98% organic!). Sometimes even the most adventurous travellers need to stop for a moment and slap on something onto their beard. Hopefully it is something that helps the beard to be even more awesome. The scent of Traveller’s Spice is a combination of spicy and manly aromas, to like cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and actually this has also cinnamon in it! Sounds crazy as hell, but works damn good. Even though cinnamon might sound like christmas cookies, this does not smell like it. Or have you tried christmas cookies that are baked with 200% testosterone in them? I bet not. If you have sniffed musk, this resembles it nicely, only a more natural and not as face punching strong scent. After using this beard oil you can easily hike from the seas into the mountains, and also look damn good while doing so.

This beard oil makes your beard softer, stronger, easier to manage and adds a really nice shine to it.

This bottle will last you probably 1-3 months. Depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have to groom.

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Ahma Beard Oil – Traveller’s Spice is 100% Natural, 100% Handmade in Finland. Coming up with great names for new scents is HARD! Though we think we hit the name spot on with this one (Damn you Old Spice, such a great name). Traveller’s Spice took us around 5000 tries to get it perfect. Not to mention all the sleepless nights and cans of beers consumed during the innovation process. We went from the weird scents of funky orange into super woody vanilla, but in the end what we found was this perfect balance of manly & deep scents, with wonderful spicy undertones. Because we wanted our new product to really feel and smell like an Ahma Beard Oil.

But what does it smell like? For Ahma Traveller’s Spice we used a combination of woodsy aromas (sandalwood, cedarwood) blended with spicy scents like clove, cinnamon and vetiver. With a nice very subtle spicy citrus-like scent from bergamot and an vanilla undertone from benzoin. You can smell the calming aroma of wood, but at the same time the combination of spicy aromas create a musky and manly scent. Actually at first we wanted to create a new scent utilizing musk (damn that stuff smells nice), but you can only buy it as a synthetic product (or taking it from a gland of an endangered animal). Also musk has damn too many harsh negative effects on the marine environment, and as we do not like to contribute in killing those little fishes with our products! (Not to mention there was some alerting information on musks negative health effects for humans also, we want to be on the safe side if we can)

All Ahma Beard Oils use the same base of oils, so if you have used any of them before you know this beast is going to be work as good! We do not almost even bother to write these texts anymore, because it is the same awesome praises, but here you go anyways! The base of 100% natural (and mostly organic!) carrier oils brings nourishment into your skin & beard, which will greatly help against itching, flaking and dry skin & beard. Not to mention your beard will look much better, as the weight of the oil will also help in keeping it in one place.

We do greatly advice that you use the beard oil immediately after a shower! Just dry your beard gently, and slap some beard on! If you have a comb or brush, you should use that so the oil gets evenly distributed. If you do not have either, be sure to rub the oil also into your skin! As if you only rub it into your beard, the oils are not going to get absorbed by your skin & hair follicles, which will lessen the beneficial effect.