Ahma Beard Oil – Smoky Vanilla


Ahma Beard Oil – Smoky Vanilla is 100% handmade in Finland. Ahma Beard Oil will make your beard and skin survive even the harshest of conditions. This oil makes your beard soft, manageable, shiny and strong.

The scent is a smooth but strong. Like every great man likes to describe himself. The scent is wooden smoke, with a nice smooth and blended deep undertone of dark roasted coffee & vanilla.

This bottle will last you probably 1-3 months. Depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have to groom.

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Ahma Beard Oil – Smoky Vanilla is 100% Natural, 100% Handmade in Finland. Ever smelled a bonfire? Remember the smile you got on your face when the smell of dark roasted coffee lured its way onto your room? Or remember that scent of vanilla when you opened that old bottle of scotch that you had been saving for a long time for some special stuff? Or the deep woodsy smell of old wooden barrels? We just squeezed out this emotion-concentration and bottled it. That is how Smoky Vanilla was born. Actually it just took a shit load of trial and error.

After all of these cheesy words, what does Ahma Beard Oil – Smoky Vanilla do to beards? Great things we say! So damn great that you will probably not even read through this and just straightly go and buy 100 bottles of this, then fill a small barrel with Smoky Vanilla Beard Oil and then just sit there amazed. But yes, this is a great leave-on beard & moustache conditioner. The natural oils and essential oils helps to banish that itching feeling you get on your skin when the beard grows longer, the beard oil moisturizes dry beard and skin, helps to keep brittle facial hairs fighting a little longer, less split ends and overall your beard will grow thicker and stronger than it was before because of the natural building blocks this oil gives.

Combing the beard will also be much easier. No more you need a rake to get through the first layers of beard, now the comb or brush glides through the beard like an eagle, smoothly and… by making bird noises? Well not by that, but this stuff conditions your beard & moustache damn nicely.

Easy to use because of the dropper bottle design. Just take 3-5 droplets into your palm. Rub your hands together. Rub the oil into your beard and skin. Comb or brush the beard for maximum effect. Go conquer the World.

The product is around 98% organic. We had to deviate from our 100% organic promise on this one because some of the essential oils are not available as organic products! That is why we now label this as “100% Natural”.

This bottle will last you probably 1-3 months. Depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have to groom. Use after taking a shower for best results.

Delivery is free, WOHOO!