Ahma Beard Balm – Traveller’s Spice


Ahma Beard Balm – Traveller’s Spice. 100% adventurous, 100% handmade in Finland, 100% natural ingredients. This beard balm is for men that want a bit more twist from the usual scents. Truly original scent, as we have never come across anything that smells like this. Manly, but smooth spicy scent. Combination of woodsy scents like sandalwood and cedarwood, blended with manly spicy scents from vetiver, bergamot, benzoin. Bringing even more depth into the mix, Traveller’s Spice also contains some clove and cinnamon! This balm is using the same combination of natural oils and butters we use, so it conditions as well as any other of our balms! Just the scent is different, though after the first sniff you can easily recognize that this is a true Ahma scent.

The can will last you probably 1-3 months, depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have.

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Note: The product is around 98% organic. If you are interested in things like that!

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Ahma Beard Balm – Traveller’s Spice. What the hell has just travelled into your screens? It is the most adventurous, thrill-seeking king of beard balms! From the wilderness it has came to greet us. Let us greet it with respect it deserves.

The new addition into growing Ahma Beard Balm family is the Traveller’s Spice. Utilizing the same awesome base our other balms has, damn good organic natural oils and butters will help in keeping your beard hairs tamed and well conditioned. Perfectly suitable for all beard lengths, easy to spread (melts really fast in your hands and adsorbs greatly – Does not leave your beard and skin greasy!).

And the most interesting part, what does it smell like? That is a damn hard question, but the scent is combination of earthen and warm woodsy aromas (cedarwood, sandalwood), with damn nice undertone of different “spicy” scents. Into our noses it resembles the scent of musk, just with a more natural twist. The spicy scents come from a combination of benzoin (kinda like a vanilla), vetiver, cinnamon, bergamot and clove. They all blend together perfectly, creating a really interesting but not overpowering scent. Even though the idea of spices like cinnamon and clove might create some ideas that you are going to smell like some Christmas evening, not going to happen. Ever. If you think it smells like Christmas cookies, throw us a message and we will send you some cookies to compare. The scent is truly an Ahma scent, manly and with many different tones.

The product is around 98% organic. We had to deviate from our 100% organic promise on this one as some of the essential oils are not available as organic products! That is why we now label this aswell “100% Natural”.

Handcrafted in Finland by us to ensure the best quality.

Balm is easily melted in your palm and it is easy to use. Take a fingertip of this stuff (or a bit more for a larger beard), rub it into your hands until the balm melts, apply into your beard & skin and you are done! Brushing and combing is optional, recommended for longer beards and furrier men! Try this out if beard oils are too heavy for your skin. Use 1-2 times per day, apply after shower for best results.

This can will last you probably 1-3 months, depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have.

Delivery is free, WOHOO!