Ahma Beard Balm – Smoky Vanilla


Ahma Beard Balm – Smoky Vanilla. 100% manly, 100% handmade in Finland, 100% natural ingredients, 100% of 100% promises in this description. This is the choice for The Man who is tired of smelling like flowers or the usual “Forest” scents that every beard product manufacturer has. This balm is a damn great solution for keeping the skin, beard & moustache soft, tamed and greatly conditioned. Suitable for all beard lengths.

The scent is a smooth but strong. Like every great man likes describes himself. The scent is wooden smoke, with a nice smooth and deep undertone of dark roasted coffee & vanilla.


The can will last you probably 1-3 months, depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have.

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Note: The product is around 98% organic. If you are interested in things like that!

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Ahma Beard Balm – Smoky Vanilla. A new awesome family member has joined the game, helping to tame the ever growing beards and wild moustaches. Took us hunders of years to develop and almost million times tested by the longest and greatest beards the world has.  The balm works like our other balms, in a nut shell it provides a medium hold and conditions the facial hair and skin. The base ingredients have stayed the same, the ass kicking combination of natural oils and butters will help to minimize beard itch, moisturize dry and coarse beard. Ahma Beard Balm – Smoky Vanilla is a tin sized can of beard care on steroids. It is like your beard got a six pack just by taking the first dose and with a longer use the beard and moustache will keep getting more ripped and even stronger. Actually by ripped we mean more smooth, tamed, thicker and overall better looking beard. And a note: The product does not contain any steroids or hormones, so do not eat it.

The scent. Damn we love it. Who doesn’t love the smell of bonfire, or the smell of dark roasted coffee? Or the deep smell of cedarwood? Or vanilla scents which smell so good that if you could you would eat the air. To minimize the amount of confusion, the scent is greatly described in the name of the product, not leaving too much room for guessing. But we will describe it anyways because its fun to write about. At the first sniff you get a pleasant smooth scent of smoke from Cade Oil that blends together with the deep wooden scent of Cedarwood. With the second sniff you can smell how the woodsy smoke scent is actually combined with the vanilla smelling Peru Balsam and dark roasted Coffee Oil. The scent is damn smoking manly, but not in the “Hitting you into the face with a brick” way. Really deep and powerful scent. Beware though, the scent might be so manly that you will immediately rip your shirt off, run half-naked into the wilderness and start bashing tree trunks with your bare fists, eating blueberries and raw animal carcasses because you have finally stopped being a man and finally became a beast.

The product is around 98% organic. We had to deviate from our 100% organic promise on this one as some of the essential oils are not available as organic products! That is why we now label this as “100% Natural”.

Handcrafted in Finland by us to ensure the best quality.

Balm is easily melted in your palm and it is easy to use. Take a fingertip of this stuff (or a bit more for a larger beard), rub it into your hands until the balm melts, apply into your beard & skin and you are done! Brushing and combing is optional, recommended for longer beards and furrier men! Try this out if beard oils are too heavy for your skin. Use 1-2 times per day, apply after shower for best results.

This can will last you probably 1-3 months, depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have.

Delivery is free, WOHOO!