Ahma Beard Balm – Raw


Ahma Beard Balm – Raw is an unscented version of our top seller, Ahma Beard Balm – Vivid Woodland. Contains all the same awesome ingredients, without the scent adding essential oils. Perfect choice for the Bearded Men, who want to conquer the world smelling of their own liking. We accept this, that is why we want to deliver.

Use our unscented Beard Balm for winning the local beard competition, you will receive all the glory for your itch-free, damn healthy and neatly organized beard and moustache, the added shine will outshine any other competition. This stuff works also perfectly as a peaceful solution to bad situations. Like when you are lining up for that late-night snack at the local grill after a long night of adventures, just ask the person whose fists want to wander after too much holiday-juice: “Have you ever touched a beard as awesome as mine?”. We think he has not, and the amazement + following conversation will surely be the start of a beautiful friendship!

100% Hand Crafted in Finland.

Delivery is free, WOHOO!

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Ahma Beard Balm – Raw. Holy sheep, it is here. The unscented version of our magnificent Beard Balm! For those people that do not want to hide their testosterone filled natural scent! This balm goes great with any cologne, deodorant, tar or whatever you have chosen to be your thing. With our Balm your beard care will shoot into the stars. Your beard will become an unstoppable force, capable of stopping comets, bullets, split ends, itching, and coarse facial hair. The base of the balm is exactly same with our Vivid Woodland Balm, only without the essential oils that bring the scent, so the effect will be the same. Your beard will stay happily in its place, become much more smoother than the texts we are writing, grow stronger and more healthier!

We have to describe the scent to you so you do not get too confused when slapping this into your beard. It is mild, only the subtle scent of the ingredients is noticeable. You can smell small hints of cocoa and beeswax. Which are just awesome, because who would not like cocoa? Tastes damn nice. And beeswax, the awesome smelling building stuff from our little buzzing friends. But we do promise, the scent is really, really mild.

If you have not guessed yet, this is 100% manufactured in Finland. Like all of our products.

The Balm is easily melted in your palm and it is easy to use. Take a fingertip of this stuff, rub it into your hands, apply into your beard & skin and you are done! Brushing and combing is optional, recommended for longer beards and furrier men! Try this out if beard oils are too heavy for your skin. Use 1-2 times per day, apply after shower for best results.

This can will last you probably 1-3 months, depending how often you use it and how much facial fur you have.

Delivery is free, WOHOO!