So you are probably wondering what do the divine products we offer contain? We greatly appreciate being conscious about what you put into your face, and about the decision process that leads to it. And we are happy to enlighten you. And to sell you stuff to put into your face. Also you can learn some Finnish-trivia you can later brag with, as we put the Finnish names of the ingredients in parenthesis! It will not help you with pronunciation. Have fun!

Cold Pressed Organic Oils? Why?

We are glad you asked my anonymous friend! To explain it shortly, if we were using non-cold pressed oils we could get into a problem called “unnecessarily destroying chemical components”. In the process of making oils, different kinds of solvents and levels of heat can be used to get the oil out of the plant material or to separate unwanted things from the right stuff. All of this could interfere with the original chemical structure of the good fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins by breaking or altering the chemical bonds, making them less effective.

But what is cold pressed, and why is it better? The name of it pretty much explains, how the process works. ‘Cold’ means that no added heat is used to separate the oil from the unwanted stuff (like other plant material — you would not want pieces of almond sticking out of your beard). ‘Pressed’, well, by adding pressure the nice healthy oils get squeezed out of the plant material. If you have hard time comprehending this, imagine it to be a bit like making freshly squeezed orange juice.

Using organic products minimizes the risk of carrying unwanted chemical components into your face and body. Those pesticides and insecticides can gather into the plant material, and then later crash into your beard party, leaving behind a mess and an unhappy hairy fellow. The same goes with using cold pressed stuff, as it means that no chemical solvents were used in the production process – thus no risk of extra baddies messing things up.

Below you can read what ingredients are used by us in our beard & moustache products and what kind of effect they have.

Carrier Oils

Balmy & waxy stuff

Essential Oils