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Damn, that sure is a nice beard. We know that feeling. Stumbling upon some old pictures of heroic looking men, the men who are happily basking in their bearded glory. Wielding the unending power of curly and groomed moustaches. And when walking in the streets you happen to see a bearded god, trekking those same pavements you, a mortal and without a beard, are. You quickly turn your gaze away from this marveleus creature, just to shiver in shame because you have not yet tried to conquer the world of beards and moustaches. Worry not, you can also thrive in the concrete jungles and conquer the secret powers laying dormant below your facial skin.

So for a moment we come back to reality. In this post we shall briefly introduce you into the wonderful world of beard & moustache growing. How your facial hair grows, things to continue doing, things to avoid, and what kind of expectations you should have during your facial hair adventures.

Now when you’ve stumbled upon this post, red through the first paragraphs, and wondering why the hell the title asks “HOW” to grow a beard & moustache. That happens automatically, the hairs sprout out of your face and boom, you got your beard & moustache! In some ways it is true, but to maximize the potential some help is probably needed.

I personally have not been blessed with the most optimal beard genetics. When I first started growing a beard I always hit that “wall”, a point in beard growth when my thin and curly hairs started to point everywhere, skin started to itch, my beard became fuzzy and coarse. Then like a wimp I always backed down and quit, because I just thought that a beard was something I could never enjoy without looking like a bum. One day I stumbled upon an article about growing a beard, red about beard balms and oils and decided that I will give it one more go. And it helped, greatly! By using beard care products regularly I soon got rid of my skin getting itchy, my beard became smoother, held together more nicely and hairs become thicker and stronger.

Breaking things into pieces, this is how you will unleash your maximum beard and moustache potential:

1. Remember That It Takes Time

Facial hair growth rate, hair thickness and the amount of hair follicles is mainly decided by your genetics. Some guys can grow a full beard (depending how long you want it to grow) in less than few months, and other people the same amount of beard growth could take triple that, or even years. The average rate for hair growth is around 1.25 cm per month.

While growing your beard, your facial hair undergoes three different phases of development. These are called the anagen, the catagen and the telogen phases. Anagen is the process when your hair grows, and most of your hairs are ongoing this phase and it could take from few months to several years. During catagen your hair forricles are resting, they shrink and the hair growth finally stops completely. Telogen is the final phase, when your old hair starts to get pushed out by a new growing hair. Finally your old hair falls of and a new one starts sprouting in its place, and the cycle continues. All of your facial hair go through this cycle at their own pace. (A funny fact, human hair growth is quite unique in the animal kindom because of the randomness of our hair shedding, which is not decided by the season nor is it cyclical.) When growing a beard pay attention into this fact, as it greatly dictates the styling (cutting) needs of your beard.

2. Take Care Of Your Skin & Facial Hair

What quality of hair you grow is likewise dependent on genetics. Though the production of quality hair can be greatly enforced.

Your hair is made from keratin, the same stuff that makes up your nails and the outer layer of your skin. Hairs are dead structure. Because of this you should pay extra attention in keeping your hairs protected. Different chemicals, outdoor conditions, hard plastic combs can damage your hair and lead into split ends which will lessen the awesomeness of your beard and moustache. The follicular bulb inside your skin is the growing center of the hair, and near the follicular bulb lies the sebeceous gland.

Sebaceous gland is one of the most important structures which define your facial hair and skin health. Sebaceous glands produces sebum oil, which keeps the root of your hair and the entire shaft of the beard follicle nourished. The longer the hair is, the more nourishment it will absorb. Because of this, the sebum oil can ran out (for some people easier than others) and it will lead into more brittle hairs, increased amount of split ends and unhealthy hairs (and skin).

Some people might have a skin condition like acne, which could mean that the sebeceous gland is overactive and produces excess sebum – which leads into messing up the skins pH, and other problems (like harmful bacteria invading your skin), in the end irritating the skin. For other people, the lack of sebum production becomes a problem while trying to grow a beard, and the skin becomes itchy.

This is why people with dry skin should try to avoid washing their facial skin too much (as lots of commercial products have harsh detergents, which strip your face of your natural sebum), and instead use moisturizing and nourishing products (like beard oils and balms). I also greatly recommend using all-natural soaps, which are mild for your skin and hair. I greatly recommend that for a more oily skin type, go on your beard growing adventure with a beard balm in your pocket.

Also, remember to handle your facial hair gently! Do not use blow dryers to dry your beard or moustache, as it also draws out all the moisture from the hair and skin follicles, making them less resistant to damage.

3. Do Not Forget Health & Exercise

Last, but surely not least, remember to eat healthy and exercise! For a healthy reminder, your hairs are mostly composed of the protein keratin, which is also a vital part of your skin outer layer. To boost your keratin production, eat healthy! Remember to get sufficient amount of proteins and other structure blocks from nutrient rich foods.

Also, exercise! Beard growth and testosterone production go hand in hand. Sufficient exercise will help regulate your hormone levels, and help in boosting your testosterone levels. Personally I recommend weight lifting, but any kind of exercise is better than doing nothing!

Exercise, nutrition and testosterone regarding beard and moustache growth is such an interesting topic, that I will delve into it more deeper at a later date, so stay tuned my friends!

Below are few short tips for those who do not have the spare time to read through this long article!

3 Most Important Tips for Beard Growth

  • Let It Grow!

    Do not give up too early. Your beard & moustache will get better looking and less itchy over time.

  • Take care of your Hair

    More important the longer your beard & moustache get. Boost the growth by tending your skin & hair!

  • Take Care of Yourself

    Exercise for that testosterone boost. Eat healthy. When you thrive, your beard thrives as well!

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