Why Use Beard Care Products?

To use, or not to use.  That is the big question. To be totally honest, you do not have to use beard care products. Your beard and moustache will grow even without them.

But consider these: How will it grow? How will it feel like? How will it look like? And how easy it is to manage? How itchy it is going to be?

You should consider the beard care products to be the food for your beard. Without nourishment any beard will wither. Our blend of oils is developed to be the best beard food you can get. Using all-natural products with the best quality ingredients will provide the best possible outcome.

Using beard products, like beard oil or beard balm, will make your hair and the skin underneath it healthier. And healthier skin equals healthier beard. It is all about the nutrients, like healthy fats, in the products. Applying beard oil or beard balm into your beard and the skin offers the hair follicles nutrients, which get transferred into the hairs.

The growth of facial hair is driven by the genes you inherited. Thus all of the bearded fellows carry on a different set of facial hair. If you were a bit unlucky in the gene-lottery of Life and have a shaggy, itchy, or patchy beard you might be worried. But there is no need for that! All of those can be fought against.

One determination of how lush your beard will look is the individual amount of hair follicles you have. Increasing the amount of those follicles might be achieved by getting your hands on a shaman and doing some ancient sacrificial rituals in the forest.
Though no promises on that. If you cannot find a shaman, you can always use beard care products. Healthier hair will grow better, thicker, darker, less brittle, it will have less split ends, it will keep beard’s shape better and it will appear even lusher. By providing moisture and natural oils to your skin, you will actively fight against itchy skin, which is a common problem among starting beard growers.

All-natural ingredients are not just beneficial for beard & moustache growing and grooming purposes, they also provide an awesome scent. Every oil has its own unique scent, which is elevated by the wonderfully scented essential oils. All taking their part in creating the most unique scent compositions.

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